We know what you’re thinking… a tanning lotion? No thanks. We get that all the time. The skeptical people who think we just want your money. But that isn’t the case. We care about your skin, your tan, and the product you use or don’t use. So, let’s not waste any time! Here are some outrageous facts and real reasons why we should all be using tanning lotion.

Ingredients in tanning lotions help for many different reasons. Moisture for our skin, activating the tanning process, achieving a darker tan, and protecting our skin. When I first went tanning, I didn’t think about using a lotion until I started to notice my tan isn’t lasting as long, I am putting too much lotion on at home and my skin felt all around dehydrated. It wasn’t until I did some research to fully understand the real reason why we should use lotion when UV tanning. There are people out there that think lotions help get a darker color; which is true, but that isn’t the only reason. One reason we use lotion is to activate our tan. When we aren’t using lotion, it takes about 7-10 minutes for our skin to coincide with the UV rays and start tanning our melanin. For some of us, that 7-10 minutes is the amount of time we tan for! When using lotions, the ingredient called Tyrosine cuts down that 10 minutes into 30 seconds. And if that’s not crazy we can lose up to 50% of your tan if we aren’t using quality lotion. The lotion helps our skin absorb the UV rays getting the most out of our tan time.

That was a lot of information in just one little section! Let’s take a break and talk bronzing color. Isn’t that typically why we like to buy lotion? DHA is the main ingredient found in tanning lotions that help bronze your skin. And DHA just stands for this really long word that I won’t confuse everyone with because most people (including all of our tanning consultants) will call it DHA, not dihydroxyacetone. Depending on the amount of DHA in our lotion determines how much color we can get! Some of our lotion we sell in the salon can be anywhere from a 7x DHA bronzer to a 60x DHA bronzer. And to be honest – you will find what works best for you. Some people LOVE Stardom from Designer Skin because of that 60x bronzing factor, but there are people out there who’s skin doesn’t care for it. And that is okay! We sell packets to try out a lotion before you buy it. So, you can see what lotion works best for you!

Now, living in Utah has been great! But not for my hair or skin. That is why I make sure to use a lotion before I do any UV tanning and always use a tan extender. All of the lotions we sell will keep your skin moisturized before, during, and after your tan. There are other lotions that have extra moisturizing factors that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. {stay tuned for another blog that has top hydrating lotions} There are lotions you can get that will have vital vitamins in them that will do nothing but help your skin. Ingredients like natural oils, minerals, anti-oxidants, natural botanical extracts, and aloe vera. These vital ingredients will help our skin stay moisturized. To be honest, even when living in the Midwest and the humidity we should still care about the amount of moisture our skin gets and always use a lotion for UV tanning.

Healthy skin is of utmost importance for acquiring a dark tan, so when thinking about using a lotion – always use a lotion. When using a lotion, we can achieve that dark tan we long for all while keeping our skin moisturized, hydrating and looking good.

Stop into any of our Beaches Tanning Center Locations to learn more about our products, try out different lotions, and see how you can earn up to 30% off lotion.

** Tanning Lotion Tip: Make sure you are buying lotion from a salon to ensure your lotion has all of the proper ingredients and hasn’t been watered down or tampered with. This will grantee your best bronze yet!