It might be three days before the big day, two days before an important photoshoot, or the day of when you have a fancy dinner planned. Whatever it is a spray tans got you covered. Literally. All of our Beaches Tanning Center locations offer spray tan booths; whether it’s a Versa or Mystic booth we’ve got them both! But before we jump in the spray booth… here are some tips and tricks!

If you haven’t heard yet spray tanning is the best new thing. It’s quick and develops within the hour to give your skin that glowing look it deserves. But how? When getting a spray tan at Beaches we have automated spray booths that you stand in and let a mist lay onto your skin. In that mist is Dihydroxyacetone but we’ll just call it, DHA. DHA develops color on your skin over time and then eventually washes off or fades. To have a beautiful spray that will last to its fullest potential then follow these tips & tricks (and you won’t be disappointed).


Tip #1: Spray at the right time. Post spray tanners need to stay away from water for up to 4- 8 hours. So, if you have a pool party or plan to go workout – don’t spray right before. The DHA will wash right off your skin and leave nothing there to develop.

Tip #2: Exfoliate. Preferably the night before or a few hours before you spray. Making sure you have fresh, clean skin before your spray tan will allow for the DHA to cover the skin in a much more even and clean way. The more you shower and shave after your spray tan the quicker it will fade off of your skin. If you don’t have enough time to exfoliate beforehand, we offer exfoliating wipes in all of our salons that will prep your skin.

Tip #3: The less make-up the better. We understand that spray tans are so quick that you can easily stop in to get one but plan accordingly. Wearing less foundation will allow the DHA spray solution to get stay on the facial area – to make sure it looks similar to the rest of your spray tan. Don’t worry if you walk into Beaches after work… we have baby wipes in all of our rooms to wipe any make-up off before your tan.

Tip #4: What you wear matters. Try not to wear anything tight or white. If it’s too white, then the DHA might rub off on the clothing piece. If it is too tight, then the tight clothes aren’t letting your skin breathe and can easily rub off on any piece of clothing. Some ladies ask that question “do I wear my bra after?” and to be honest, do whatever is comfortable for you.

Tip #5: Pay attention. There are three ways to get information on how to spray tan. One – the tanning consultant will give you details on what to do. Two – there is a voice guide in every spray booth to tell you how to stand and when to do what. Three – if those confuse you, there are posters hanging up of images on how to spray tan! Remember to use the barrier cream beforehand, wear your hair net, and feel comfortable before stepping in the booth.


Trick 1: No lotion. No deodorant. (I know… it’s hard) but leaving out those two things will allow full coverage for your spray tan.

Trick 2: Post shower. Don’t scrub too much and don’t be alarmed when getting in the shower after that 8 hours, some DHA will come off, but your spray tan will last up to about 5-7 days.

Trick 3: Using a Primer from the salon is ALWAYS a good idea! pH levels, caffeine to tone and tighten… need I say more?

Trick 4: Double-dipping. This is just a salon term created for those who like to bed tan then spray! UV tanning will open your pores and spray tanning immediately after will allow you to have an even more natural glow. Just try to use tanning lotions that do not contain silicone and bronzer beforehand.

So, there you have it. Before, during and after tips and tricks that will help you survive your first spray tan! Stop in any of our locations to get a spray tan and stay on the lookout for discounted sprays as well. Enjoy!

Beaches Spray Tan Singles are only $18 (with no tax!) Other places charge anywhere from $25 or more.