When touring Beaches Tanning Center’s salons, you will notice all of the different types of tanning beds that we have available for you to try! We have quite a few different types of beds, but we mostly have 4 levels of tanning: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond.

Each of these levels has different amounts of UVB & UVA rays that are emitted, which will create a different experience from bed to bed. Typically, we classify our Silver bed as our Low Pressured beds, and our Diamond beds are High Pressured beds. The Gold and Platinum beds are in between the two, as they have varying spectrums of UVB & UVA rays.

Low Pressured: These types of beds are the most traditional tanning beds. UV rays are emitted in a broad spectrum that is most similar to that of natural sunlight. These beds produce fast color and stimulate vitamin D production, but the risk of sunburn is highest in this level. If you tend to burn easily, a low pressured bed is not recommended to use.

High Pressured: These types of beds emit the highest level of UVA rays – which helps tan your skin more. There is a lower amount of UVB rays – which cause sunburns. These beds typically will tan your skin more quickly and the results typically last longer. If you are trying to obtain a deep long-lasting tan, this bed it most recommended. (These are typically the higher end types of beds, which means it will be more expensive).

Talk to your tanning consultants about what your goals are and what recommendations would be best for your skin type.