Spa Services

Self care and more! Because YOU deserve it. Whether you have five minutes or twenty-five take a moment for you, relax and indulge in one of our spa services! Practice holistic wellness and weight management in our wellness cocoon. Redefine and rejuvenate your skin through redlight therapy or take a load off in our zero gravity massage chairs. A healthier happier you is just around the corner at Beaches Tanning Center.


Spa Equipment

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Relax tired muscles

Head to toe pain relief

Improve tanning results by

stimulating blood circulation

10 Minute session

Cocoon - Wellness Pro

Free with Diamond Level Beach Club

Helps with weight loss – detoxification – relaxation

Purifies Skin and improves circulation

20 – 30 minute spa treatment

*available at most locations

You may reach our Customer Care department during this time at 801.701.0246 or email [email protected]