Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Need a knot or two rubbed out but don’t have the time? Stop in for a speedy spa day. Decrease anxiety and stress, increase productivity and relax….while you wait! Or pop in whenever for a little escape.

– 10 minute session with add 10 for $10 option
– *Improve circulation *FUN FACT: Increasing blood flow before tanning
helps with melanin production for a deeper darker tan
– Relieve back and neck tension
– Variety of heat and pressure settings
– Pain relief

Pricing Single Session $10

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Relax tired muscles

Head to toe pain relief

Improve tanning results by

stimulating blood circulation

10 Minute session

You may reach our Customer Care department during this time at 801.701.0246 or email [email protected]